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Minnesota Accepted Massage CE Provider for your MN Massage Therapy Continuing Education. Get your online Massage CEs from CE Massage® for your LMT License Renewal! Get your required approved MN Courses with CE Massage®. Minnesota Massage Board Accepted CE Provider for online courses. Massage CE Renewal and License Experts! Be sure to look at what CE Massage® can do for you as an online home study provider.

Is CE Massage® accepted for Minnesota?

Yes, We Are! Take a look at our courses and packages*!

Can I get my CE hours with CEMassage®?

Yes! View your renewal requirement for Minnesota and how many hours you can complete with CE Massage®.

*Please note that all courses available on CE Massage® will be displayed regardless of acceptance for a specific state, category, or licensing approval. Approval for each course/package in each state is not guaranteed. Even if the provider is directly approved by the state, not all courses may be approved (provider numbers are on each certificate regardless of approval). CE Massage® offers exclusively online courses and does not provide webinars, live, in-person, mailed, or video options. You must verify all information, requirements, number of hours, and specific categories required by your Board before placing any order. Ordering from CE Massage® does not exempt you from renewing and paying renewal fees for your massage licenses/certifications. Note: Information is subject to change.

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Are you licensed in another state?

CE Massage® holds national approval and acceptance in the majority of states, enabling you to obtain CE hours for multiple state licenses.

Discover your specific state requirements and explore the online courses that CE Massage® can offer to help you meet those requirements. Let us be your trusted partner in fulfilling your CE needs across various states.

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Trusted Provider

CE Massage® has earned the trust of tens of thousands of therapists who rely on us for their online renewal hours. Join the growing community of satisfied therapists who have chosen CE Massage® as their preferred provider for online CE courses.

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We understand the importance of a stress-free learning experience, which is why all our online courses and exams are considered "open book." You can take your time without any time constraints, ensuring a relaxed and hassle-free process. Acquire your CE hours with ease and enjoy the flexibility of studying at your own pace.

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Our dedicated customer support team is available to assist you live Monday to Friday. If you need any assistance or have inquiries, please visit this page to access our current contact information. We are here to provide you with the support you need.

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CE | CEU,East Grand Forks Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Eden Prairie Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Edina Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Elk River Massage CE | CEU,Fairmont Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Faribault Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Farmington Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Fergus Falls Massage CE | CEU,Forest Lake Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Fridley Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Golden Valley Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Grand Rapids Massage CE | CEU,Ham Lake Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Hastings Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Hermantown Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Hibbing Massage CE | CEU,Hopkins Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Hugo Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Hutchinson Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,International Falls Massage CE | CEU,Inver Grove Heights Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Lake Elmo Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Lakeville Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Lino Lakes Massage CE | CEU,Litchfield Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Little Canada Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Little Falls Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Mahtomedi Massage CE | CEU,Mankato Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Maple Grove Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Maplewood Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Marshall Massage CE | CEU,Mendota Heights Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Minneapolis Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Minnetonka Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Monticello Massage CE | CEU,Moorhead Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Mound Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Mounds View Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,New Brighton Massage CE | CEU,New Hope Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,New Ulm Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,North Branch Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,North Mankato Massage CE | CEU,North St. Paul Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Northfield Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Oak Grove Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Oakdale Massage CE | CEU,Orono Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Otsego Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Owatonna Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Plymouth Massage CE | CEU,Prior Lake Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Ramsey Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Red Wing Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Richfield Massage CE | CEU,Robbinsdale Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Rochester Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Rosemount Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Roseville Massage CE | CEU,Sartell Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Sauk Rapids Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Savage Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Shakopee Massage CE | CEU,Shoreview Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Shorewood Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,South St. Paul Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Spring Lake Park Massage CE | CEU,St. Anthony Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,St. Cloud Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,St. Louis Park Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,St. Michael Massage CE | CEU,St. Paul Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,St. Peter Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Stillwater Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Thief River Falls Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Vadnais Heights Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Virginia Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Waconia Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Waite Park Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Waseca Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,West St. Paul Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,White Bear Lake Massage CE | CEU,Willmar Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Winona Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Woodbury Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Worthington Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Aitkin County Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Anoka County Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Becker County Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Beltrami County Massage CE | CEU,Benton County Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Big Stone County Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Blue Earth County Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Brown County Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Carlton County Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Carver County Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Cass County Massage CE | CEU,Chippewa County Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Chisago County Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Clay County Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Clearwater County Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Cook County Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Cottonwood County Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Crow Wing County Massage CE | CEU,Dakota County Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Dodge County Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Douglas County Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Faribault County Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Fillmore County Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Freeborn County Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Goodhue County Massage CE | CEU,Grant County Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Hennepin County Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Houston County Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Hubbard County Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Isanti County Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Itasca County Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Jackson County Massage CE | CEU,Kanabec County Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Kandiyohi County Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Kittson County Massage CE| CEU,Koochiching County Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Lac qui Parle County Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Lake County Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Lake of the Woods County Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Le Sueur County Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Lincoln County Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Lyon County Massage CE | CEU,Mahnomen County Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Marshall County Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Martin County Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,McLeod County Massage CE | CEU,Meeker County Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Mille Lacs County Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Morrison County Massage CE | CEU,Mower County Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Murray County Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Nicollet County Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Nobles County Massage CE | CEU,Norman County Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Olmsted County Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Otter Tail County Massage CE | CEU,Pennington County Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Pine County Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Pipestone County Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Polk County Massage CE | CEU,Pope County Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Ramsey County Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Red Lake County Massage CE | CEU,Redwood County Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Renville County Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Rice County Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Rock County Massage CE | CEU,Roseau County Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Scott County Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Sherburne County Massage CE | CEU,Sibley County Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,St. Louis County Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Stearns County Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Steele County Massage CE | CEU,Stevens County Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Swift County Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Todd County Massage CE | CEU,Traverse County Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Wabasha County Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Wadena County Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Waseca County Massage CE | CEU,Washington County Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Watonwan County Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Wilkin County Massage CE | CEU,Winona County Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Wright County Minnesota Massage CE | CEU,Yellow Medicine County Massage CE | CEU

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